We are glad to see You at RED BOSS™ TREE SPADES website, where you can find the latest information on design, development and manufacturing of Red Boss tree diggers, transplanters, loader attachments - customized spades  from   

   Tree Equipment Design, Inc.


                 RED BOSS™ TREE SPADES is a line of equipment

                  built by  TREE EQUIPMENT DESIGN, INC.

                                located in Pennsylvania, USA.


  We are USA-based manufacturer of nursery and landscaping equipment, including, but not limited to Red Boss Tree Spades and  Tree Boss ball handlers, Tree Planters, Stump Diggers and Stump Grinders, Standing Tree Balers, Potting Planters...


 When you are a business executive, the pressure to increase effectiveness, reduce overhead and stay on top of the game is greater than ever.The same holds true every time you have to look for employees.

 Whether you  grow trees or a landscaper, whether you move trees  on daily basis for a wholesale or just provide beautification of existing property or relocation of large-caliper trees, small evergreen and deciduous plants,  it’s with You in mind we at Tree Equipment Design developed custome-designed digging attachments: selection of  RED BOSS Tree Spades, loader mounted or truck-mounted models  aimed at increased  production, decreased  labor costs, and increased profitability.

  As a manufacturer of Red Boss tree transplanting spades, we, at Tree Equipment Design, closely work with nurserymen and landscapers in different regions, which allows us to specialize in developing and designing Red Boss digging machines according to the specifics of soils on site, on-road permits (for truck mount spades), tree caliper, tree height, root ball specifications, freedom of maneuverability etc.

 We are confident that our Red Boss Tree Spades will be an absolute essential for your business, when you experience all the benefits of using and own any of our tree transplanters for yourself; it will quickly become your favourite. And you'll enjoy years of top performance.

 So if you are looking for tree digging and transplanting equipment, nursery and landscaping equipment, tree digging and relocating tree spades, truck-mounted tree spades, tree moving transplanters, truncated (22°) tree spades, semi-truncated (25°) tree diggers, or cone (30°) tree spades, red boss potting tree spades, look what we have to offer in our selection of Red Boss Tree Spades.