When designing this model, our goal was to achieve maximum practicality, excelling performance, give the potential user ability to dig easier in all types of soil, as well as extreme capability...it's EIGHT blades after all!!!

Giant in tree transplanting, Model 105RB,

                                 features 8 blades.

hydraulicly operated 105-inch red Boss from Tree Equipment Design
tree relocating equipment made in usa, tree equipment design
nursery and landscaping 105-inch 8-blade tree spade from Tree Equipment Design
rear view of 105-inch Red Boss tree spade getting ready to dig

   Media         Model 105RB features:                                                                                                                 

   105RB                           narrow blades (8 total) will dig in any soil easier (especially, clay & rocky)

                                  on-site adjustable blades

  view/download               digs hole up to 105" in diameter

                                 standard transport dimentions: 9'5" wide, 13'6" high

                                 truck & spade on road length 40'3" (this unit only)

 105-inch Red Boss Tree Spade is designed for use with mature trees as in tree transplanting, tree installation, tree relocation...constraction, renovation, beautification of residences, businesses, golf courses, parks...live privacy fence...establishing orchard...as wind brakes...instant shade.