This page of Red Boss Tree Spades website is a gallery of our custom jobs: pictures of Red Boss tree spades and /or stabilizers from

Tree Equipment Design that we manufactured for our customers and installed on specific loaders.


Red Boss tree spades are designed and built with specific needs of each customer. As You can see from the pictures, we adhere to every need differently: whether it's a shrub or a tree transplanting, whether it's moving a tree from one place on the property to another, whether our customer is moving large trees, multi-stemmed plants, or grower and re- wholesales plant material ...

28-inch Red Boss tree spade on Gradall unit seen in the pictures is capable of digging a rootball 30-inches in diameter and 22-inches deep. Been set up as an attachment on Gradall gives customer capability of digging trees on any side of the truck or at the rear, since it's boom extends up to 20-feet to dig across several rows and/or in tight conditions.

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red boss tree spades, three and four blades tree transplanters