Welcome to Tree Equipment Design, Inc. used equipment market place!

 Here we will be listing used/ refurbished nursery and landscaping equipment such as tree spades, loaders, trucks, planters, tools etc.


         Looking for used equipment for your nursery/ landscaping/ tree farming business?

         Current Tree Equipment Design's customer and have used spades for sale?

         We unite sellers and buyers...


   Email to: with details of your request, description of product

used Red Boss Tree Spades:48-I, 28-O, 38-I      LOCATION: PA              YEAR:     
used 44-inch Red Boss Tree Spade, location: MD
used 26-inch Red Boss Tree Spade, location:PA
CARETREE 50-I, manual valve   LOCATION: OH     YEAR:  2001    
used 32-inch Red Boss Tree Spade Outside Frame, location:IL
used 42-inch Red Boss Tree Spade, location:PA

Red Boss TREE SPADE: 48-I, stabilizers, counterweights, S300 Bobcat              LOCATION:IL

used 54-inch Red Boss Tree Spade, Gehl 7810 with Red Boss stabilizers
used 56-inch Red Boss Tree Spade, Cat loader