Red Boss Tree Spades are:

                   Fast, Powerful                                                                                              

                   Quick Attach

                   Lightweight and Versatile to fit more loaders

                   Tempered steel-gets harder the more it's worked

                   Electric Operation (superior to manual)

                   Manual Operation Option

                   Towers Glide on Plastic Bearing Guides


Red Boss Tree Spade 3 blades Inside Frame
Red Boss Tree Spade 3 blades Outside Frame
Click on the above links to watch short movies presenting digging with Red Boss tree spades. If you are new to digging B&B trees, this will be a great starting point as each short clip shows tree spade equipment in action. Red Boss tree spades ared designed as attachment to fit any front end loader, with stabilizers on a back, depending on size of trees been dug.
Red Boss tree spade with manual valve video